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The Art of Whisky

Meet the artist: Murray Robertson


Single Malt Scotch Whisky – Bourbon Cask Matured  – Peated – Artist:  Murray Robertson « Mapping Scotia »

A single malt from the Highlands with peat and embers from the sea and land, the spirit of Scotland’s landscape from the Highlands and Islands. All of these elements can be found in the art of Murray Robertson, who explores the historic geology of Scotland and links it to the fauna, flora and all that forms the land, its people, produce and of course whisky.

Tasting Notes

N: Caramel beurre, caoutchouc. Les embruns d’une tempête de mer et fumée de tourbe
B: Miel, vanille, amandes salées, zeste de pamplemousse, fumée de bruyère
F: Miel, bruyère d’été, agrumes, salin

N: Toffee, rubbery. Ambers from a sea storm and peat smoke
B: Honey, vanilla, salted almonds, grapefruit zest, heather smoke
F: Honey, flowering heather, lemon and orange and salty notes.