The Art of Whisky – Mc of the Isles

The Art of Whisky

Meet the artist: Dunbar McIntosh RSW RGI


Blended Malt Scotch Whisky from the Isles – Rum Cask Finish
Artist:  Archibald Dunbar McIntosh RSW RGI – “Sea Legend”

Clan McCallum have their roots in the islands of the west coast of Scotland where one can find these special whisky flavours of salty smoked aromas, haddock, citrus fruit and light peat.

Archibald shows in his painting all of these elements, the ports, the distilleries, peat, the sea, the fruit and the algae. All of the character from the islands and from the land.

Tasting Notes

N: The fishing boat as is comes back to port, the fish smoke house. Salt and seaweed
B: Lemon meringue pie with hints of salt, vanilla, pepper, smoke of light peat
F: Salty and sweet, lemon zest, ambers from the sea

N: Le bateau de pêche qui rentre au port, le fumoir a poisson, salin et algues marines
B: Tarte citron meringuée salin, vanille, salin, poivre, fumée de tourbe légère
F: Salée et sucre, zeste de citron, embruns de la mer