Art of Whisky – Declaration of Arbroath 700th Anniversary Limited Edition

700th Anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath

The Art of Whisky Limited Edition Release

House of McCallum decided to celebrate the 700th Anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath with a special limited release of 700 bottles per brand across the range of the Art of Whisky. We commissioned exclusive Art for this special occasion with Ashley Cook for the McPink, Simon Laurie for the Mc Warrior, Murray Robertson for McPeat & Archibald D Mackintosh for Mc Elegance & Mc o’Isles. Celebrating Robert the Bruce and the Clan Chiefs who signed the letter to Pope John XXII in France stating that Scotland is Indivisible and United as a Country within Europe

For this occasion the whisky had to be exclusive with the release of 5 different vintages. Mc Pink with a beautiful powerful Port cask 2013 vintage, like Robert the Bruce, Mc’O’sles a vatting of Highland Park and Scapa Orkney malts finished in Corton Renardes Burgundy wine casks, marking the link with France at the time. Mc Warrior, a lovely Glenburgie 2008 finished in an organic Burgundy wine cask. McElegance, a classic distilled Speyside Macallan finished in a Monthelie 1er Cru Burgundy wine cask. Mc Peat with a vintage 2010 from an unnamed Single Islay Malt with all the refined and peat character one expects. A rugged Seaweed grassy and mineral Islay matured in Bourbon Cask. Celebrating Scotland and the Clans in 1320. On the 6th April 1320, which co-incidently is also my birthday, this landmark Constitutional Letter was signed and unified the Scottish Kingdom.

Each bottle is numbered from 1 to 700 and only available through exclusive retailers in Europe, Japan & Taiwan.